Cost Effective Tips to Bring New Life to Your Bathroom!

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Bathrooms are often the most forgotten item when it comes to a home renovation. Largely because of the cost involved.  And while this may be a good reason to put off an entire bathroom renovation, it doesn’t mean that your bathroom has to look the same for the entirety of your home ownership.

Below are some easy and budget-friendly ways to freshen up your bathroom.

Change Your Lighting

The first thing to change in your bathroom is your lighting. Why? Because the chances are that you are still using the single bulb in the center of your ceiling to provide you with, what can only be called, the harshest lighting available?

Instead, replace it with a single smart LED bulb. These devices are cost effective and can easily be plugged or screwed into your existing lighting sockets without the need for any special installation.

Once installed, you can control each light from either your smartphone or a mobile device from the Groupon Coupons page for Lenovo to perform a range of actions from adjusting the brightness, to change the white balance, the intensity of the light, and even the color! While this may seem like too many options, once you have had a chance to see what you look like each morning in better lighting, you will never look back.


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A Lesson on Penney Thrift

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Speaking of jobs and careers, todays entrepreneurs can learn a lot from James Cash Penney.  His very name suggests he was destined to earn money, but the way he went about pursuing his destiny is a lesson to all.  I was surprised to learn that J.C. Penny built his company to maximize jobs for the residents in the towns where his stores were located.  This is no surprise, because it was common to see towns spring up along the path of the first railroad hubs.  He took over one of the stores in the chain of the store owner he worked for at the turn of the century, he had left the small town and had moved his operations to a storefront in Kansas.  Today, not only can you get great deals from J.C. Penney, you can shop the stores online or in person and use a Groupon to save a ton of cash.

J.C. Penney has stores in all 50 states, in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Renner department stores in Brazil.  But the guiding principal behind the start and success of the chain begins humbly in the small town of Kemmerer, Wyoming.  There young James Cash Penney went to work for a local retailer named J.M. Hale who trained him in sales and management.  That experience helped him secure the job that put him on the path to the retail giant he was to become.

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