Cost Effective Tips to Bring New Life to Your Bathroom!

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Bathrooms are often the most forgotten item when it comes to a home renovation. Largely because of the cost involved.  And while this may be a good reason to put off an entire bathroom renovation, it doesn’t mean that your bathroom has to look the same for the entirety of your home ownership.

Below are some easy and budget-friendly ways to freshen up your bathroom.

Change Your Lighting

The first thing to change in your bathroom is your lighting. Why? Because the chances are that you are still using the single bulb in the center of your ceiling to provide you with, what can only be called, the harshest lighting available?

Instead, replace it with a single smart LED bulb. These devices are cost effective and can easily be plugged or screwed into your existing lighting sockets without the need for any special installation.

Once installed, you can control each light from either your smartphone or a mobile device from the Groupon Coupons page for Lenovo to perform a range of actions from adjusting the brightness, to change the white balance, the intensity of the light, and even the color! While this may seem like too many options, once you have had a chance to see what you look like each morning in better lighting, you will never look back.


If you are using a mirror without storage then you are wasting precious bathroom space. A quick trip to your local hardware store will show you a range of bathroom mirrors which you can easily install yourself which all include storage.

While the amount of storage isn’t going to be large enough to keep your bathroom electrical items like your hairdryer or straighteners, it will be enough to keep any medication or beauty creams off your counter and nicely put away out of reach.

Of course, if you want to take this tip to the next level then you can consider a mirror with LED strip lighting behind it to give your morning routine a more glamorous feel!

Shower Head

When was the last time that you saw what a shower head looked like? Not the horrible small water-saving shower head that your water company sent you, a real shower head?

While the one you have worked, advances in technology and design have allowed for a whole range of luxury shower heads which can also act as water saving devices. While you are browsing through the selection, it may seem like some of them are quite expensive. However, it’s important to remember that there is the very device which will wake you up each morning and relax you each night, and given that it is all happening in place of a total renovation, it’s a fair call to say that you deserve it!

Just because you don’t have the budget to give your bathroom a total upgrade doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy modern design and luxuries. In addition to the above tips, take a look through your bathroom and get creative with ways you can brighten up its style on a budget.